Friday, October 26, 2007

BFF: Jennifer Hudson and Andre Leon Talley

By now everyone knows that Andre Leon Talley, the editor-at-large for Vogue has taken Jennifer Hudson under his wing and serves as her primary stylist for her red carpet events. Now, I like Jennifer and Andre's column in Vogue is usually the first thing I turn to when, in a moment of weakness, I break down and buy that magazine. Looking at JHud's red carpet photos over the last year sometimes leaves me scratching my head. His personal taste aside, Andre is without a doubt talented. The frocks that he has picked for Renee Zellweger have been flawless. Dressing Jennifer presents more of a challenge. She' is after all full figured and it's no secret that most high fashion designers don't seem to know that anything over size 6 is an option when designing their wares. Setting aside JHud's Oscar dress disaster, I haven't seen her many show stopping clothes, at best I'd say that she's looking great in about half of the photos I've seen her in. She's pretty and talented enough but on more than one occasion it seems that the fit of her garments has been off or downright unflattering. So, what do you think? Is it time for her to thank ALT for the help and move on, or should she stick with the man who put her on the cover of Vogue?

Photo Sources: Lipstick Alley and The Fashion Spot

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Camille Remarkable said...

I agree she looks good in about half of those. She has the height and so I like to see her with the above the knee skirts. What I don't like is the halter and one sleeve things where her breasts just take center stage. I think the wide neck things are nice. i especially like her in the two purple frocks. also i liked her in that boatneck black dress but the patent black belt right under her breasts is unnecessary.

I do appreciate that she is not bowing to pressure to lose weight in an unnatural and unappealing way. she seems to have trimmed downa a little but is not gonna go crazy over it. i hope this thing with donda west gives our people a bit more pause about all this surgery nonsense.