Friday, April 4, 2008

UK Harper's Bazaar - Liya Kebede - May 2008

Source: miss_nyc/TFS


NaySue said...

I'll tell you one magazine cover that I won't see featured on your blog--Marie Claire! They will put every other race on the cover before they ever put a black face on there. I have been a subscriber for many years, so I guess I know. Like Essence, Marie Claire is yet another magazine that has fallen off and I'm just waiting for my subscription to run out.

This comment may seem unrelated, but I enjoy seeing your posts about black cover models and I had to rant the one magazine that still believes in Jim Crow (if you know what I mean). And trust that I've written them letters about it.

Bnifant said...

Gosh could they put anymore writing on the cover.

With a face like that the cover NEEDS less clutter. George Clooney or the words New and Chic will not make me buy the mag. Liya's wonderful face and expression will though.

Brigitte said...

I remember back when Marie Claire was actually a good magazine and the features were interesting. It was like a smarter version of Glamour. I can't remember who the editor was back then but when she left the magazine took a serious nosedive in terms of quality. The only black woman in recent memory that I can remember being on MC's cover was Lisa Gay Hamilton and she was only the gatefold:

CHIC NOIR said...

I love Liya Kabede. Does anyone know if she is still working with Estee Lauder, I have not seen her in a advertisment in a long time.

Liya is often on the cover of European magazines, she must move a lot of units. She is frequently on the cover of Spain's magazines, and I find that funny considering all the problems that contry has with black people.

This makes me wonder, whats really going on with American magazines(besides celebrity overload).

Brigitte said...

I've read that her official contract with EL has ended and she is slowly being phased out of their advertisements. It's a shame because her ads for them were lovely.

CHIC NOIR said...

Thanks Brigitte

Oh wow, this hurst alot. I hope that another company will pick her up.Liya has a very classy look, she fit in perfectly with Estee Lauder.I wonder why her contract was so short. I hope she gets another cosmetic contract with another company.If the replace her with another black model I think they should use Yasmin Warame, has a face that can move product.

I will be honest and say that I did not like alot of her ads, it anoyed me that she was frequently in ads along side Carolyn Murphy. Why was she not feaurterd in ads by herself as often as Carolyn. By the way, is Carolyn Murphy being phased out also, I notice that Hillary Rohda is in the newer ads.

If you had a choice in which black model would replace Liya, who would you choose.