Monday, August 10, 2009

Harper's Bazaar - 9/09 - Naomi Photographed by Jean-Paul Goude

Fresh off the heels of the commentary surrounding the Jean-Paul Goude homage (featuring Amber Rose) in Complex magazine comes this editorial by the photographer himself in the September issue of Harper's Bazaar. Goude makes no bones about his very narrow view of black women and "jungle fever" so I guess a spread featuring Naomi dressed in skins, jump roping with monkeys and running with a cheetah isn't exactly a surprise but it sure is disappointing.


Marlboro Martini said...

OK< so I never saw the amber rose editorial, but what is so wrong about a black model being photographed in this way? I fail to understand why black people in a 'ethnic themed' shoot is so wrong? I'm black and of African hertige and I love this.

If a white woman was in this shoot, I'm sure there would be something to say about it too.

I think that perhaps you read too much into this, and I'm not sure what you are reading is so bad?

Sorry I LOVE this blog, but this post I don't get.


Kate Hanke said...

I'm amazed by the photographs!

Rami. said...

love your blog. inspired

~t. childz