Wednesday, September 9, 2009

US Harper's Bazaar October/09 - Janet Jackson by Tom Munro

Newsstand and subscriber covers. Read the full article here.

Does she have another comeback CD coming out? I definitely didn't expect to see her on a cover this fall. The full face cover looks like just about every picture I've ever seen of Janet and I'm not really feeling the dress on the b&w cover. Which do you prefer?


chic noir S.O.S secretary of lickfence said...

I prefer the second picture because it shows of her hourglass figure.

I'm not sure if Janet will ever be as big as she once was. She may have to settle for selling out large size clubs. At some point, even the super of super voices(patti,aretha etc..) stop selling a lot of records.

Emilienne said...

May I say, she's just on cover because of MJ.

I mean she has gained some sympaty
since MJ death.
and she reminds to people a bit of MJ.

I prefer the second pic even she looks like a bit at Letoya.

Lenox Ave said...

I dig the 2nd picture. Her figure is wonderful and it has a very 40's/50's fashion feel to it. I'm not interested in her being as popular as she once was. I just want to hear great music from her and the rest will take care of itself.

pixilated said...

i agree with you lenox. i just want janet to make good pop music again - i don't need her to be everywhere trying to keep up with the younger acts. all the same i do prefer the second cover but they're both pretty meh for me.