Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Arise Magazine Launches - Naomi, Liya and Alek Cover Premiere Issue

The new monthly magazine, published by Nigerian newspaper ThisDay, will be launched this Friday alongside a African Fashion Collective Show at Bryant Park at New York Fashion Week.

Says ThisDay CEO Nduka Obaigbena,“I think it’s about an opportunity.…Africa has been under-reported and under-recognized. Meanwhile, so many big talents have African origins. We think it’s time Africa gets the rightful recognition in the global cultural landscape, and its fashion contribution is one of them.”

According to WWD, the magazine "is dedicated to African accomplishments in business, politics, fashion, music and overall culture" and will be sold in cities such as New York, Paris and London.




DON'T SWEAT IT said...

Woo! This is so exciting. Something I've been looking forward to/waiting for, for quite some time now.

Sugabelly said...

Not to (as we Nigerians say it) pour sand in your garri, but not one of the cover models was Nigerian. You'd think Nduka Obaigbena would try to include local talent and give them the desperately needed promotion.

mellowyel said...

I bought this magazine in Nigeria in December. It does a great job of featuring African and African-American talent, despite the non-Nigerians on the cover. What they lack in cover models, however, they make up for in fashion designers. All the featured designers are Nigerian, and there's only one article about African fashion as a whole. Granted, they only featured the designers from the ThisDay Festival, but they can do better than that.
What I really like is the treatment of African fashion, music and film from ALL over the continent, not just Nigeria. It could really be THE African magazine. Clam Magazine is another good African magazine, but it's made in France, so it kinda doesn't count.


Are they offering subscriptions to persons not living in New York, LA, or Paris?

mellowyel said...

Hey Brigitte, you can preview the magazine here: http://www.arisemagazine.net/

Click on the headings at the top, then on the photos, and the magazine pages come up. the text is too small to read, but the pictures are clear, and pretty good.

Brigitte said...

@mellowyel - Thanks for the link!

I'm really interested in seeing this magazine in person. I hope major bookstores start carrying it soon.

Anonymous said...

That cover is gorgeous! I need to check out the web site.

charlie said...

that cover is a mess. with those three it could have been better!