Thursday, February 26, 2009

Moises de la Renta to Launch Fashion Line

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Moises de la Renta, the son of famed fashion designer Oscar de la Renta, will be launching his own line, called MDLR, this year in spite of the sharp economic downturn. In addition to working as an assistant for his father, he spent a short time working for Phat Farm. He describes his new collection of clothing and accessories (with prices retailing for just shy of $1K) as "simple,elegant and practical."

The Dominican Republic born designer was adopted by Mr. de la Renta in 1984 after being discovered abandoned in a dumpster by his birth parents. He has described his childhood as typical and boring. On the subject of race The Observer remarked :

He grew up in quaint Kent the only black kid at the local public school. His best friend was the only Jewish kid. He thinks racism is more the province of previous generations.

Unlike many up and coming designers who seem to have a real passion for the industry, Moises' interest in fashion has only blossomed in the last few years. Up until then, he seemed to be more interested in the party scene and women. He has been romantically linked to a number of models and socialites, including Vogue favorite Genevieve Jones (they broke up late last year, according to reports.)

Personally, I'm not very excited by the look in the photo above but I am curious to see the rest of his lookbook. I guess only time will tell if he really has talent for design.


Anonymous said...

"Racism is more the province of a previous generation." Tell that to the countless black designers who instead of getting recognized for their talent, get denied because of their skin color. Or the countless Black models who get rejected based on the notion that "black is not in this season! "Hmm, I'm wishing him the most racism-free luck in the world. But talent is not inherited by osmosis or association. Just because he was fortunate to be the recipient of Oscar de la Renta's mercy, doesn't necessarily means he's gonna get a pass. What he doesn't realize is that nepotism & racism aren't compatible, especially when your adopted father is a living fashion design legend. We'll see what's what when his line finally launches.

Ajuna-Ariel said...

I really have no respect or admiration for black people who try to down play the role racism plays in our society. What do you expect from someone like him? he probably lived a white-washed world. Well, reality is going to slap him on the face when he steps out into the world...without daddy's creative team, money or designers to aid him...

...Arlenis Sosa also made a similiar comment about racism. Just what I would expect from a token black model whose career is being manufactured by Ms. Wintour.
Good riddance

Ajuna Ariel (Ogegevivkie!!)

Naturally Sophia said...

I have awarded you the Kreativ Blog Award. It is a blog to blog award. You were chosen because of your perspective and content. I have been requested to encourage you to create a post on 7 things you love and 7 blogs you deem worthy of bestowing the award. You are in turn requested to have them post on 7 things they love and 7 blogs they love.

Oceanblue01 said...

I am a black girl from the Caribbean living in Brasilia, Brasil. I too agree with Ajuna. You wont believe how many black here in Brasil deny their ethnicity. Also here has a BIG problem with the whole black model subject. There was actually a street protest by black models I think it was in São Paulo, this year about this. People say the world has changed in terms of racism, but I doubt that. It has just gone underground in some cases or become subtle. BRASILIA is a good example of the subtle racism.

Anyway, I am going back to my studies. And someone please tell that De La Renta kid that he needs to WAKE UP!!!