Friday, April 17, 2009

Diandra Forrest and Shaun Ross

S: Nunu111/TFS

Shawn Ross and Diandra Forrest for Osklen. I wrote about Diandra earlier this year. She didn't get any bookings during NY Fashion Week aside from the Arise show, so it's nice to see her still working. Likewise, Shaun Ross appeared on the runway for only one designer this year and spoke to NY Magazine in February about the challenges he has faced as a albino and a model. The ads do reek of tokenism but I can't help but admire how beautiful the two models look together here.


model liberation said...

I love this. They both look stunning. I hope they get more work, because Shaun and Diandra are unlike anyone else.

Camille Acey said...

This was an obvious pairing and despite any intentions to make them look like freaks, their natural beauty still shines through. I love them...even though Shaun is a mess! (see his youtube channel)

Chic Noir said...

Love it. I was thinking the two would do great photos togeather. I don't understand why the two didn't do more shows. I could see both of them walkign Marc Jacobs,Givenchy, and YSL.

Asian Models Blogger said...

I saw Diandra near Bloomingdale's just last month. She was a foot taller than everyone else around her (well, she had super high, high heels) and was hard to miss. Gorgeous girl.

She definitely dresses like a model, ie. she ain't no jeans and t-shirt girl.

Anne-Estelle said...

I love that girl! We work with her for a french webmag called BANDIT-MAGAZINE.COM
Have a look and let us know what u think about!!???