Saturday, April 4, 2009

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So more even more designers are complaining that Michelle isn't wearing enough of their clothes and fattening their bottom lines in the process. Cry me a river already, maybe if Oscar de la Renta designed something for a First Lady that wasn't influenced by my grandma's couch fabric, he'd stand a chance. These people need to read the fine print on Obama's stimulus package so they'll understand that it's not just about fashion.

And yes, I would cut off my own pinky toe to own this Azzedine Alaia (?) dress. It is seriously the most beautiful thing she's ever worn.

Dmitcha @ The Daily Kos blogged about the backlash recently:

The coolest thing about being African-American and bilingual Italian is that when you go to a model casting in Milan and are pointed to the sign that reads "no ragazze di colore" (no colored girls), you can: a) understand it; and b) get sent right back to the casting as a Brazilian and instructed by your agent not to speak English to anyone.

Today, in an article titled "Dressing Michelle: Major Designers Wait for First Lady's Call," Women's Wear Daily (WWD) posted the outrage of American designers like Oscar de la Renta, who stated, "I don’t object to the fact that Mrs. Obama is wearing J. Crew to whatever because the diversity of America is what makes this country great. But there are a lot of great designers out there. I think it’s wrong to go in one direction only."

Um. EXACTLY. So where is that sentiment decade after decade as U.S. designers send all-white models down their runways? I don't know whether to shake with laughter or with disbelief!

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Safera said...

"And yes, I would cut off my own pinky toe to own this Azzedine Alaia (?) dress. It is seriously the most beautiful thing she's ever worn."

Ditto! I thought the same exact thing. Something about this look stands out from everything else she's ever worn. It's simple but definitely speaks volumes :o)

Why are her fashion choices all anyone ever talks about or complain about more than anything else. I can't believe time and time again people whine about who she is or isn't wearing. Give me a break!

thepegster said...

thanks for drawing attention to these articles. i get outraged when these designers get outraged because Mrs. Obama does not wear their clothes. women of color have not been allowed for years to wear their clothes. i hope to see 'change' with these designers now who are complaining, show some diversity! the 'definition' of beauty is changing...finally!

Divalocity said...

When I read this on WWD I had to write about it myself because they need to change their advertisement campaigns to include a diverse demographic of all American women and not just those of the dominant culture.

I see nothing wrong with her choosing Jason Wu, Thakoon or Isabel Toledo. Were they hyping Isabel while she was a struggling designer? No! Azzedine Alaia was very popular here in the 80's and early 90's but he continued on with his European based customers after lackluster sales here in the U.S.

My thoughts indeed about them for not showing diversity on the runway , because right now I do hope they finally realize who their customers really are.

Mrs. Obama can not save the entire American fashion industry. Off the rack is where it's at right now.

ClandestineChic said...

I love the Alaia dress as well and I think it's far more beautiful than any De La Renta gown she could wear. And I know Oscar is miffed because he's been dressing women in the White House since before I was born, but really, aren't his pockets lined enough? I know he has Cindy McCain as a client, so I know he can't be hurting. Mrs. O pays for her own clothes, so really, she can wear whatever designer she wants and whatever makes HER feel comfortable. And if it's J. Crew, H&M or Junya, it's hers to do with what she pleases. Sorry Oscar.

Chic Noir said...

My God Michelle looks fly in that dress. Girl I got to make that pic my screen saver.

So where is that sentiment decade after decade as U.S. designers send all-white models down their runways

girl go sign co sign. I will give mr. Oscar renta hidue thought, a blk model has opend and closed his show the last two seasons but he needs to use Jordan or another blk model in a campaign.

Anonymous said...

I literally rolled my eyes when I read some comment about her wearing a sweater to Buckingham Palace. Would Vera Wang have designed something more reverent for her to sit before a monarch? Was the sweater too casual? Or could they come up with nothing else after complaining ad nauseum about the woman's bare (yet chiseled) arms? Is bitter petulance an effective marketing strategy in a recession?

st said...

I read the comments in WWD over the weekend and I was thinking the exact same thing. They won't even hire models of color! Why wasn't this question asked in the article? I also thought the comparisons over the weekend to Jackie O and Princess Diana were strange. I thought of Hillary Clinton's hairdos and outfits when she becam First Lady. It did seem like she was struggling to find her own fashion sensibility. I think Michelle Obama is doing the same, but I also think it's an effort to find a modern fashion sense. I worry that de la Renta would make her look really old. It seems to me that people like Oscar de la Renta and Carolina Herrera have mostly been interested in people like Jackie O and Princess Diana b/c of the wealthy backgrounds that Jackie O and Princess Diana come from. There's a disconnect between them and modern women. Black women have always worked, but working women are not on their radar. Socialites and children of the wealthy are. I understand that socialites buy the clothes, but there are working women out there who would to. In addition to this, I suspect some people admire Jackie O and Princess Diana b/c they were not opinionated. To some people, having an opinion means you're not feminine.

CultureCynic said...

this article was ridicuoulous, with all these high top designers whinning like little bitches over Michelle not wearing there in are they serious??????? for years they have catered to the ric, famous and extreamly connected while systematically marginalizing the rest of the ppl who can't afford their clothes. Every year at fashion week, all their clients show up non? you wld think that wld be enuff for them.

Is it by force, should she change who she is and start appealing to them now cuz she is the first lady...if she wasn't patronizing them then, why shld she switch up now.....All i can do is lafffff at is almost like the same as when celebrities complain about paparazzi following them is ridiculous!!

Anonymous said...

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Brigitte said...

Welcome Sheela!

Anonymous said...

i thought of you immmediately when I read that dmitcha peice. You know what I think.

Aux barricades! Les racistes á la lanterne!!

Emilienne said...

She looks flawless, love the hair and makeup