Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Jovovich-Hawk for Target

According to the LA Times, Jovovich-Hawk, like Patrick Robinson and Proenza Schouler before them, will be designing a line of clothing for Target set to debut next Spring.

It looks like this trend of high profile designers hitting mass retailers will never go away and though I think I'm past running out and buying everything I can get my hands on, I still like the concept of being able to buy designer inspired pieces actually made by the designer and not a knock off brand like Forever 21. I'm always very interested to see what they come up with at that price point.

Jovovich-Hawk is not a line that I covet. Their Spring '07 collection looked too much like great-grandma's attic. Fall pieces are a little better (pics attached) but the looks are still not for me.

I do wonder however if it would be a step in the right direction for Target to hired a few promising designers and start their own line of well-made, budget conscious and stylish clothing instead of spending so much dough on big names.

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Poster Girl said...

I'm excited about this line. I also think Target would do well if they did a higher-end line for die-hard fashionistas who want "designer" pieces.