Friday, January 18, 2008

Vogue Paris 2/08 : Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss

Naomi has been racking up the covers lately hasn't she? She covered Marie Claire (Spain) in December of last year solo and now here she is again on French Vogue with Kate Moss.

She was the first Black model to get a French Vogue cover though she later remarked that the only reason she got the cover was at the insistence of Yves Saint Laurent himself. I had high hopes for the cover when I first read about it on The Fashion Spot but I'm not wild about the photos. Naomi looks like she's holding Kate hostage, maybe that's why explains the "Wanted!"text splashed underneath the photo. Hmmm....I'll stop writing now before someone accuses me of never being happy with anything.

Inside photos and another FV cover (with Christy Turlington) to follow:

Photo Source: TFS/Vini


HonorHoney said...

I really like the Vogue cover with Naomi and Christy, those were the days of 90s Supermodeldum! I agree, the photo with Kate Moss And don't worry about not liking anything, you're just looking at things with a critical eye :)

aulelia said...

the photos are okay...but kinda trite and boring. naomi has looked better