Thursday, March 6, 2008

Slow Blogging Day

Has it really been three years since Essence put Suede Magazine on permanent "hiatus" after only four issues? If you are like me, you still have those issues tucked away somewhere and occasionally take them out and flip through the pages, dreaming about what might have been. I mean, the magazine was in no way perfect but I definitely appreciated what they were trying to do.

Suede's former editor, Suzanne Boyd has a new job. She's in charge of revamping a Canadian baby boomer magazine called CARP. The new title will be Zoomer and is being billed as a fashion and lifestyle magazine for near-retirement demographic. Sigh. I wish her the best but the news puts another nail in the coffin that was my desire for Suede to rise from the ashes.

I got the March issue of Harper's Bazaar in the mail today. For some reason Lindsay Lohan is on the cover. I honestly can't remember why I subscribed to this magazine in the first place.

There's not much of interest in the magazine, save the regular "Diet News" feature. I'm always fascinated by what other people eat and what they do for exercise. Not that I plan on doing any of the routines myself, I just like to live vicariously through other people's personal trainers. This month spotlights Keisha Nash-Whitaker. She must have a great publicist.

If you're interested the super slim model/actress/entrepreneur eats a half bagle w/ salmon and cream cheese for breakfast, a tuna melt or turkey burger for lunch and a sensible dinner with her family. I read previously that she was vegan but here she says that husband Forrest Whitaker and her oldest daughter are vegetarian but she still gets her meat on.

I also got Nylon in the mail recently. This one I don't feel as bad about because I got the subscription for free. I've always liked the layout of it but I find it kind of dull. I think I'm older than their target audience. There is one editorial featuring a black model which was unexpected but it's not exactly worth buying.

Slow week, I'm crossing my fingers that Entertainment Weekly shows up tomorrow.


Camille Acey said...

In other news, Waris (who I didn't know was missing) has been found.

Brigitte said...

Okay, that story is a little strange. I hadn't heard about it either. Thanks for the info.

aulelia said...

@Brigitte -- There are loads of US import mags in the newsagents here in the UK and I have read US + UK issues of Harpers Bazaar and I find it quite vacuous these days. Leona Lewis was on the cover of the UK version which made me buy it a while back but it was just an empty publication.

What is with Lindsay Lohan on the covers of many mainstream mags ? She is on the recent issue of UK Glamour wearing Luella I think and she looks like such a wannabee. Newsflash to Lindsay: you are not Marilyn Monroe.

Nylon is always in the newsagents here but I don't think I am in its' target audience either because it strikes me as a more musicy-fashion magazine than just a fashion magazine.

RIP Suede -- what a great magazine.

I was reading the ABCS for UK mags and looks like many are seeing year-on-year falls -- do people really care about mags anymore ? I know I do. I think I buy them just out of loyalty these days (in regards to ESSENCE and Pride).

UK Marie Claire had an article on black women and the skin lightening craze. Hmmm. it was suspect when I saw it on the cover and even more suspect when I read it. They only focused on Senegalese women instead of a diasporic view...

What are your views on ESSENCE ? Sorry for this long rant!

Ondo Lady said...

Harpers (US or UK) does not do it for me. All fur coat and no knickers. NYLON is interesting but a bit too 'wanna be cool' for me. I tend to buy UK Elle, UK Marie Claire and UK Grazia. I used to like Honey but that went caput as well.

XXX said...

Suzzane Boyd was my role model in college, so much so I remember blowing out my mega-watt-afro (a la Boyd) and wearing designer pencil skirts to my $6.25/hr job as arts & culture editor on my college newspaper!!!OMG!