Saturday, May 31, 2008

JA Fashion Week

The FADER has an nice review of Jamaican Fashion Week. Apparently Georgianna Robertson was one of the stars on the runway:

Of course the spectacle just wouldn't as epic if it wasn't for the star cast of models...Most heartwarming was seeing model Georgianna Robertson take to the runway again for British designer Julia Clancey , a sighting that—in light of current Agyness mania slash overkill—gave us more than passing nostalgia for the old guard of supermodels, real supermodels.

I couldn't agree more. I haven't seen Georgianna in years but I can still remember when she was the model of the moment in the 90s. She was also one of the few models to have lines in Robert Altman's "Prêt-à-Porter." I've always envied her ridiculously long torso and admired her for being one of the few models back then who rocked short natural hair. Truth be told, I'm also bit fascinated by the fact that, like Gladys Knight, she is a Mormon. I'm always wondering what would draw a Black person to that particular faith. Thanks to Camille for the link!


Ondo Lady said...

Wow, JA Fashion Week. I have heard a lot of things about it - a lot of it good!! I would love to go to it, I am sure we will get on well.

CHIC NOIR said...

I always loved how curvy how body was despite her being ultra thin.