Friday, May 2, 2008

Real Life vs Runway: Thandie Newton in Roberto Cavalli

Looking at this Roberto Cavalli gown on the runway model does absolutely nothing for me. It just hangs on her like a sequined boho feedbag.

Designers like skinny models because they get to use less fabric in creating the runways looks and because bony models supposedly don't distract from the clothes themselves.

To my eye, they don't seem to add much to them either. I would never have looked at this particular dress and thought it would even be worth salivating over but it truly becomes something else entirely on Thandie Newton (who, to be fair, is pretty petite herself.) I just think she looks fantastic in it.

I've often thought that the reason celebrities provoke such clothing hysteria is because it gives the average person an opportunity to see how designer clothes look on someone who eats more than once a week. Of course, there are exceptions to this but it is rare that become enamored of I see something I see on the runway these days.

Photo source: Scriptgirl/TFS


lapetitediva said...

Yes, that dress looks fantastic on Thandie. The colors and the style really compliment her skin tone. Plus, she has the kind of figure that looks good in just about any type of clothing, especially if it's flowing and/or form-fitting.

Chelsea Rae said...

I like the top of the dress better on Thandie because she has more of a chest, but I like the bottom of the dress better on the model. This is either because the model was taller making the skirt length shorter, or because the skirt was actually lengthen for Thandie. Whatever the reason, I like the shorter skirt better.

Regina said...

That dress looks FABULOUS on Thandie Newton, it looks like crap on the runway model.

Camille Acey said...

I am not the biggest Cavalli fan anyway, but I think Thandie looks good and the model looks just OK, but I think it is because the model got styled poorly (with those boots) and doesn't bring any glamour to the piece. IN this way the model is simply a mannequin (as they are supposed to be) and thus it isnt a fair comparison.

Brigitte said...

You make a valid point Camille.

I do find it amusing that the mannequins one find in dept stores usually have better figures than the women working the runway.

Carrie said...

Doesn't hurt that Thandie has that gorgeous, mischevious smile (the best accessory!), and the model looks like she's feeling faint and/or numb.