Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Glamour's Salute to American Icons

For their 70th anniversary issue, Glamour magazine enlisted a few celebrities to recreate the images of iconic women. I'm not sure if these particular celebs are the first ones that would have come to my mind if I were charged with pulling this shoot together but the photos are nice enough. You can see the rest of them here.

Not only is Obama the first African American filling the position, but she’s already making best-dressed headlines for a style that ranges from couture to J.Crew. Raised in Chicago, Obama, 45, powered on to Princeton and Harvard Law School before beginning a career during which she met, mentored and married our current President. Hail to our newest smart, opinionated, chic First Lady!

“She has worked hard for everything she’s accomplished, and done so with grace and humility. So many women and girls can identify with her story.”—Alicia Keys, 28, whose most recent album is As I Am

After years of playing segregated tennis, the late Althea Gibson tore down the color barrier of competition in 1950, when, at age 23, she became the first African American to compete in major U.S. championships—and, in 1957, the first to win Wimbledon. In her crisp whites, “the Jackie Robinson of tennis,” as she was known, won 11 major titles.

“She showed women…you can be sweaty, be gorgeous and do a great job.”—Chanel Iman, 19, cohost of MTV’s House of Style

As an aspiring singer, Holiday suffered sexual abuse, struggled with a drug habit and encountered racism everywhere. But the late Lady Day—one of the first African American women to sing with an all-white orchestra—translated all of that pain into some of the most achingly personal songs ever recorded. (Download “Strange Fruit,” which she sang at her 1948 Carnegie Hall concert, and listen for yourself.)

“You can imagine that women at home hearing her songs on the radio felt her vocalizing their emotions and their struggles.”—Paula Patton, 33, of the upcoming drama Push, wearing Holiday’s trademark gardenia in her hair


Divalocity said...

Chanel Iman could actually pass for a younger Althea Gibson. The resemblance is quite remarkable.

Harlem Loves said...

Paula Patton makes a great billie holiday

Anonymous said...

Is it okay to say I'm not feeling Chanel Iman's comment, "you can be sweaty, be gorgeous and do a great job." Is that what Billie Holiday showed women? Really?

Brigitte said...


That's perfectly acceptable because that comment makes no kind of sense :)

In general I'm just trying to avoid the kind of degrading ugly comments that I've seen on a lot of gossip boards.

Anonymous said...

I think Chanel Iman was commenting on Althea Gibson, the tennis player being sweaty and gorgeous. Besides Chanel is young and a model, she's not exactly going to be the most articulate person. No offense to her intended.