Friday, June 12, 2009

ANTM Winner Teyona Given the Flip Off by Seventeen Magazine

s: Jezebel

I stopped watching America's Next Top Model several years back. These days I get my modeling reality show fix from TVLand's "'She's Got the Look." Here is the current cycle's winner Teyona and her career making turn for Seventeen Magazine... too bad the editors there don't think she has what it takes to warrant a solo cover. Like previous winner Saleisha Cooper,  Teyona only rates the back cover of the magazine with the face out going to KatyPerry. Ah well, it's not exactly Italian Vogue but at least Teyona didn't have to share her half cover with Tyra and will have something nice to show the grandkids one day.

Speaking of "She's Got the Look." did anyone else catch the premiere last night?


Steph said...

I really dont like that cover. I mean, it's messed up but dang...they couldn't make her look any better?

Booga said...

Steph, I agree. It's far from Teyona's best shot. IMO Aminet was the most stunning one, and should've won. At least she got in the top 3. Poo on seventeen. Katy Perry is a joke.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

I read that all the models from ANTM get the back cover after one winner (I can't remember her names) was the lowest selling issue in years.

How did the show prize go from a spread in Elle with a top fashion photographer to the back cover of Seventeen?

I don't think the fashion world takes ANTM seriously. It can be fun and/or entertaining but the women they pick don't have that "it" thing top models have.