Friday, June 19, 2009

MC Italia July 2009 - "Chic Tribale" - Yasmin Warsame

Photographed by Thierry Le Goues for Marie Claire Italia.

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Also, gossip from The Cut suggests that something mysterious and "major" will hit the newsstands with fat September issues. Sessilee Lopez and Chanel Iman twittered about an editorial for a major magazine (Vogue?) involving them Arlenis and Jourdan Dunn that will have fans rushing out to buy their own copy. I'll keep my eyes peeled but covers get me more excited than editorials, but it would be nice to see Sessilee in American Vogue.


SDG said...

Stunning woman! I don't find this shoot all that interesting or imaginative. I've seen some of this guys work in the past and he can do better.

Notoso said...

Yasmin has bone structure that is dying for a makeup campaign. i hope we see more of her, she is a true beauty.