Wednesday, June 24, 2009

(Yawn!) Ebony's Summer Issue Features IT FACTOR ladies

Ebony Magazine has put together a special multi-cover summer issue celebrating women with the "It" factor. Not surprisingly, the nearly 70 year old publication's list holds no new names or surprises. 

Of the 25 women listed, 21 are entertainers, 1 is an athlete, 2 are from the world of politics, and 1 is an academic. Only a small handful are under 30. 

When I think of the "it factor" my mind usually goes to up and coming artists, writers, educators, designers, trendsetters, filmmakers, or unsung actors. Ebony's pool of  nominees only extends to those women already represented in their stock images library.

The list includes :

Naomi Campbell
Jennifer Hudson
Michelle Obama
Tina Turner
Aretha Franklin
Halle Berry
Serena Williams
Condoleezza Rice
Oprah Winfrey
Tyra Banks
Angela Davis
Erykah Badu
Jill Scott
Lil’ Kim
Whoopi Goldberg
Diahann Carroll
Pam Grier
Patti LaBelle
Alicia Keys
Mo’ Nique
Diana Ross
Grace Jones
Mary J. Blige


ninety9 said...

Zzzz....oh Ebony, how you disappoint me. It would have been nice if Taraji or Viola was on there but they already snagged a cover this year. I would liked to have seen Santogold, Janelle Monae or Esperanza Spalding on there.

Ondo Lady said...

I too wish they had pushed the boat out and at least included some authors, film directors and TV producers. What about Terry McMillan? She made a huge impact in the way women spoke to each other. Waiting to Exhale was the original Sex and the City. Shonda Rhime was named one of the 100 people who help shape the world in Time. How could they over look her? Why Serena and not Venus?

Ope said...

Just discovered this blog & I think it's fantastic. And definitely agree that this is just the usual suspects. No disrespect to these women but tell me something I don't know.

If I had to make a list, I'd also add Judith Jamison who keeps getting better with age and is the vanguard of one of the most important cultural organizations we have in this country. Also Zadie Smith who is really one of the most brilliant writers of our generation.

@Ondo lady,

I agree with you. Shonda should have been on the list.

- Ope @panafya
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SDG said...

Ebony is not cutting edge nor trendsetting, so I am not surprised at their inability to think in such a fashion.

It's one of the reasons why I've never subscribed and dropped my subscription for Eseence years ago.

Both publications need to step it up creatively and truly represent the diaspora wherever we may be.

Invisible Woman said...

Ummm....Lil' Kim?