Monday, June 30, 2008

Lots of Ink Devoted to Italian Vogue

The issue still hasn't hit the stands in the US but it's garnering a lot of attention.

Stereohyped asks "Is Going the All-Black Route a Superficial Answer to Fashion's Problems?"

The Telegraph devotes space to the issue with two new articles: "Prêt-à-rapporter: A black and white vision of modelling" and this piece.

Jezebel wonders if the issue will solve the "black model" problem once and for all.

I'm already tired of talking about it, I just want to see it already!


Eb the Celeb said...

I dont think it will solve any problems at all... just a ploy to get black people to buy vogue since we rarely do...and everyone is falling into the trap and running out to go get their copy... or talking about getting their copy when it does hit the states..

all they did was highlight the ones int he industry who have made it... they havent made a pathway for more faces to make it to high fashion... and that's the problem

Brigitte said...

I read somewhere that Italian Vogue typically sells about 80K copies of each issue compared to well over a million for US Vogue. I don't doubt at all that this will probably be one of their biggest selling issues ever. We'll see if they walk the walk with upcoming issues or if it's back to business as usual.

Camille Acey said...

it still hasn't turned up here in slovenia (which is right next to italy). im waiiiiting.

Safera said...

Warning long comment!

"I'm already tired of talking about it, I just want to see it already!"

DITTO! With all the hype surrounding this issue and inaccurate release dates reported by the New York Times, The Daily Telegraph, The Independent etc. I hope the issue is actually good.

I suspect the release date given was a ploy to test the waters so to speak. What better way to gauge people's enthusiasm and overall interest then to have them hounding their local newsagent for the July issue, when most of them (newsagents) had just received June a week or two before.

Also, will any of us actually understand the articles? I mean wont they be in Italian?

@ eb the celeb

I completely agree with you. However I want this issue to outsell any previous issue to prove that we can sell magazines if the formula is right (sans the gimmicks of course). Hopefully this will inspire existing magazines for woc to abandon there same old predictable formulas and try new things.

@ Brigitte

Nice to see a pic of you Brigitte I enjoy reading your pov on many things.Lastly who are the gorgeous trio at the top of your blog?

Brigitte said...

@safera: "Also, will any of us actually understand the articles? I mean wont they be in Italian?"

Italian Vogue is kind of funny, sometimes they'll have random article and caption in English. I suspect that these spreads will be in English too, like the cover. Thanks for commenting. BTW, I'm not sure about the identities of all the models from that pic but I'll double check them for you.

@Camille: By now the guys at the bookstores recognize my voice from me calling so much. If it shows up in Slovenia before I get one buy me a copy and I'll reimburse you :)

Camille Acey said...

You know I will surely get you one! I got hopeful today when I saw last month's Italian Vogue was cleared from the shelf, but no luck. I'm poking my head in once more at the end of the week and then I will continue the harassment next week.

I only hope that played Essence- looking cover that they show on the Jezebel site isn't the actual cover....

Brigitte said...

Yeah, I'm not to wild about that cover either. It really does have that Essence Vibe. All the cover needs is a "Git Your Man AND Your Money" tagline!