Thursday, November 20, 2008

Actress Serena Reeder - Lucky Brand Jeans

Lucky Brand Jeans' current ad campaign features eight "real people" who the brand believes personifies luck and serendipity. 

Each of the participants has a page on the official Lucky site with a photo gallery, biography and downloads. Bucket List actress Serena Reeder is the black girl in the bunch. In her video she talks about her "lucky break" audition for a movie. 

She's a very pretty young lady but the hippy drippy fringe vest they put her in is something I cannot abide.


marci said...

i like the waist coat... it's cute.. wish my abs would behave and i could wear one!!

jaye said...

I don't mind it. It kind of reminds me of the singer Cherokee, I don't know if she actually did this look, but when I saw the pic I thought of her. Because when you think of hippie, you don't usually think of black women...and so rather than being "drippy", I think black women give an edge to the look that white women can't seem to pull off. I wouldn't say it's my favorite look ever, but I like the feeling I have when I see the image.