Thursday, November 13, 2008

Angela Bassett for Olay Quench Body Lotion

I'm beginning to think that cocoa butter must be the "other" creamy crack when it comes to black women. The battle against ashy starts pretty early on. I still remember my mother rubbing down my legs with Vaseline before leaving the house to keep that rolling in powdered donuts look at bay.

It seems now that, in response to the sales of rival Vaseline's cocoa butter skin care line, Olay has extended the Quench moisturizer line to include cocoa butter enthusiasts.

Beautiful and ageless Angela Bassett is the spokesmodel. I just hope this formulation doesn't have those tiny light reflecting particles, I hate the way that glittery stuff looks on my dark skin.

ETA: So I picked a bottle of this up at Target yesterday and it does contain those pesky little sparkles, though they are not as noticeable as they are in the original formulation. The scent different too, sweeter probably because of the cocoa butter. I've always really liked this lotion so now that it is not as glittery, it will probably become a staple.


Ebony Intuition said...

I use the cocoa butter body oil from vaseline and the cream.

And I still use vaseline love it lol

lapetitediva said...

Angela is one of those women who just gets hotter with age.

It's weird: the skin on my face is an oil slick, but from the neck down, my skin is as dry as the Sahara. Regular lotion just won't cut it. I started using a combination of Udderly Smooth and a CVS knock-off of Vaseline's extra rich cocoa butter lotion and so far, no flaky patches or ash.

Project Christopher said...

Isn't Angela Bassett beautiful?!? Her eyes are so inviting and hypnotic. I've always thought, though, that if Tina Turner had had Angela's biceps, Ike would have only hit her once.... ONCE!

I love her on ER I just wish she'd come in before the final year.

ninety9 said...

I like the Olay Quench but I'm still gonna rock the Vaseline cocoa butter line because it's what I can afford. I do use Olay moisturizing lotion for my face, though.

Maybe it's a personal decision (made by Angela) but I want to see more of her. In print, in television, in films, whatever. She's an incredible talent.

Anonymous said...

I love Angela Bassett and wish I could see more of her. I don't watch E.R. even though I know she is currently working on that show.

I used to use Olay Quench but stopped because of the sparkles. You would think that they would warn you about those things on the label. I don't get the fascination with cocoa butter though. It never did much for me. I use a St. Ives lotion that has oatmeal and shea butter in it. Same effect as quench without the sparkles.

Ondo Lady said...

I cannot live without my cocoa butter and the brand I use is Palmers.

Anonymous said...

I'm white so I may not have all the same skin problems, I have no clue what u mean by the powdered donut look, but I have enough fun with my skin drying out in the winter. I use Aveeno shower gel cuz it has colloidal oatmeal in it its susposed to keep your skin healthy and not dry and also they have a matching lotion. My nose drys out super bad in the winter too actually, I get frequent bloody noses. But anyways, I watch ER a lot so I was like hey isn't she on ER?

Brigitte said...

I've tried Aveeno body wash but not the lotions.

Shea and cocoa butter seem to be the most effective on my skin.