Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Model Katoucha Reported Missing

French police and authorities are still searching for a former Guinean model who disappeared between late Friday night and early Saturday from her home on the river.
Former couture muse of Yves Saint Laurent, Katoucha, 47, was reported missing Monday after her relatives hadn't heard or seen from her.

The mother-of-three was last dropped off Friday night near a houseboat docked next to hers on a central stretch of the River Seine in Paris near the picturesque Alexandre III bridge.
The French media reported that Katoucha, who is near-sighted and cannot swim, was drunk and not wearing her contact lenses on the night of her disappearance. Her handbag containing her cell phone, credit card and glasses was found the next morning by her landlord's son near the entrance to the boat.

Divers searched for the model's body on Wednesday as authorities are not ruling out a fatal accident or suicide.

Katoucha, nicknamed the "black princess," prowled the runways of the world's greatest designers.
In 1994, the model left the catwalk for good and made headlines the years following when she launched a foundation against the practise of female circumcision.

She recently published a book, "In My Flesh", sharing the gruesome experience of her circumcision in Guinea when she was nine years old.

Horrible news. My prayers are with her family.


Her body was found Thursday near the Garigliano bridge in Paris,the autopsy showed no signs of foul play, "pointing to the possibility that the 47-year-old may have fallen accidentally into the river," according to one article.

A former friend and fashion director said of her that [Katoucha was] "one those girls who used her fame to spotlight the misfortunes of others...She always seemed so gracious and very lovely. She was sunny and she was bright, and I liked her a lot."

Rest in peace.



CHIC NOIR said...

She is one of the greats. She was a muse of Yves Saint Laurant(sp).

here is a link to a youtube video of Katoucha.

I really hope all is well with her. I've read about her alleged substance abuse problems in the past.

Anonymous said...

Her body was found: http://www.cutsewandblog.com/2008/02/passing-of-fashion-legend-katoucha.html

Anonymous said...

RIP, Katoucha

Anonymous said...

I forgot to sign my name.

Anonymous said...

I am simply so shocked wanted to call Katoucha. Had anm apointment with her to visit her this spring.I called her in Dakkar before I left to South America. I admired and more, she was super, bright, full of laughter, but could be moody,I always admired her strenght. I just wanted to find her number through internet to tell her I am, visiting her in 2 weeks. I lived with her on rue Mouftard and simply don't know how to deal with this traggic news.


Anonymous said...

I am simply more than shocked. I called Katoucha, wom I loved from the heart. Lived with her on rue mouftard in Paris in 1987. I admired her bright smile, sensitivity, from laughter to anger. We shared so much in common. I called her few months ago in Dakkar. I would visit her this spring. Actually tonight I wanted to call her that I would be visiting her in 2 weeks. I have a hard time with this. Wish her kids and friends all strenght. David...kiss to you. I simply can't believe, that I will not share a laugh with her any more but she will always remain to live in my heart.

Big pics fan said...

Is it her