Wednesday, December 3, 2008

WWD - Michelle Obama: What Should She Wear?

Oscar de la Renta

It seems that everyone in the world is just dying to know what First Lady Elect Michelle Obama is going to wear to the White House Inaugural Ball. Sketches from designers big and small have been all over the web for weeks and I must admit that I am more pumped for this than the Oscars.

Lots has been blogged already on the topic but for my contribution, I've decided to rate the sketches and their various incarnations of Michelle apart from the actual designs. Honestly, I love looking at fashion sketches and having most of them feature a black model (in this care Michelle) is lots of fun. I haven't seen this many cartoon black women since BET cancelled "Hey Monie!"

An anonymous commenter sent me this link to WWD article titled "What Should She Wear." Here are my pics for the best and worst interpretations of Michelle from the slideshow.

First up are two sketches from Diane von Furstenberg that I personally think are the best of the bunch. The image doesn't exactly look like Michelle but damn if it doesn't look like that hautest woman at the party. Even the stance says "run along now dear, you're starting to bore me."

This Badgley Mishka dress seems like something that the 90s spit out. Their Michelle is all lips and hips with a dash of sass but really, how sassy can you be if you arrive at the Ball wearing a Steve Martin wig?

Chado Ralph Rucci should have just kept this sketch to himself but it's nice that he's still putting that spirograph his grandma gave him for Christmas in 1985 to use after all this time.

Betsey Johnson is fashion's Mariah Carey. Perpetually in junior high and sometimes inappropriate. Apparently, Betsey thinks of Michelle is a browner version of herself dipped in patriotic unicorn blood.

Judging gtom the head on this sketch, Zac Posen is under the mistake impression that Condoleeza Rice will be our next First Lady.

Monique Lhuillier sees vibrant color but not race.

Nice try Karl Lagerfeld. I know you probably just colored in old sketches of Carla Bruni and wrote Mrs. Obama on the bottom.

I can't fault Christian Lacroix for these super heroine sketches. His Michelle may be a few shades darker than the original but the drawings are fierce.

Caroline Herrera can't draw heads and may be pro-ana.

Tuleh's Michelle just looks like a burn victim.

You know how every season on Project Runway there is one person who can't get their shit together on time and sends some half assed look down the runway to be mocked? Zero + Maria Cornejo is that contestant.

Peter Som and Tracey Reese had images of Jackie O. swimming through their heads when they came up with these.

Honestly, I expected more from Rachel Roy. Her Michelle looks like someone's crazy auntie on Easter Sunday.

Zac Posen sees Michelle as a cross between Scarlett O'Hara and Cruella de Ville.

Your turn. What do you think of these dresses? These Michelles? Has coverage of Michelle's fashion choices gone overboard? Will she ever be able to wear sweatpants again?


Shell said...

I like Diane and Monique's dresses the best. I am partial to red. Your commentary on each dress was really good and funny. I do hope whatever design she picks, it will be better than the one she wore on election night. I so disliked that dress.

Ebony Intuition said...

wow, I really like the Badgley Mishka dress

ninety9 said...

I concur with Shell, I think Diane and Monique's dresses are beautiful and would suit Michelle quite nicely. The Betsy Johnson dress is serious fug.

ohnochriso said...

I love the DVF looks, all of Christian Lacroix's (even if they are all a bit over the top), Som & Resse's dresses and the Oscar de la Renta gown.

People might be going a bit overboard with Michelle and fashion stuff but I'm personally excited to have some folks in the White House who actually give a shit about style.

Shari said...

i saw this on fabsugar, and i'm so glad you did a post! your comments were very funny, btw!

i actually like karl's sketches, but i agree they are very carla.

dvf comes in a close second to oscar's sketches. i know probably every first lady over the past 20 years or so have worn oscar, but i really think the dress fits michelle, the sketch looks like her, and i loved how he created outfits for sasha and malia too! so cute... he definitely gets an 'A' for the assignment in my book...

Anonymous said...

I agree that DVF's are the best, and I like the Zac Posen dress if not the drawing. All those others look like prom dresses. I'd hate to see her go over-the-top. She always seems to strike just the right balance of style, age-appropriateness, and fit that I hope she doesn't start taking advice from "fashion" folks (ALT I'm looking at you!)

Anonymous said...

For me it's a toss up between Badgely Mishka, Diane Von Furstenburg and Carolina Herrera's green creation. That being said, Mrs. Obama should choose an American designer, for sure. The Christian Lacroix sketches are exquisite too, but the inauguration is no time to channel Mahogany. Monique Lhullier's dress looks exactly like something Nancy Reagan wore once. It was noce of De La Renta (and Marc Jacobs too, I think) to include the girls in his concept. I feel like color is an important part of this too, so should she wear an "American" color?

Brigitte said...

@ "The Christian Lacroix sketches are exquisite too, but the inauguration is no time to channel Mahogany."

*Dead* Funny comments like that should never be posted anonymously.

Ajuna-Ariel said...

You seem more concerned about the shades of color on Michelle's drawings than the actual dresses themselves.

Brigitte said...

@You seem more concerned about the shades of color on Michelle's drawings than the actual dresses themselves.

You must have missed the part where I said that "I've decided to rate the sketches and their various incarnations of Michelle apart from the actual designs." I have my favorite dresses of course but I was specifically commenting on how the drawings here represented Michelle herself.

Tha Management said...

I love the Oscar, DVF, Monique, and green Caroline Herrera.

Also, I dislike commenters who talk before reading. I think this blog was very cute and I am SO happy that you posted these sketches so I can gush over them.

Project Christopher said...

I can't decide which I like best. I have trouble crossing from sketch to reality (same reason I can't decorate a home... can't conceptualize into reality) But I know whatever she wears, Michelle will be kickin butt in it! Isn't it so nice to actually have someone in the white house who can give fashion interest? Certainly not all she's there for, but a nice added bonus knowing our first lady rivals the first lady of France! ;)

Style Noir said...

Fashion illustration isn't portraiture. It's fantasy. And it ain't easy. Give it a shot!

Ankh Ah said...

I see links to your blog all over the place, so glad I clicked. This post was hilarious.

Not understanding all those dress suits. It's a ball! I'm partial to the saturated blues and purples of Christian Lacroix's dresses and Oscar de la Renta makes some gorgeous gowns, but to be honest, I don't like any of these choices. I hope she goes with a relatively unknown. It would be dope if she rocked something from a chain store.

I'm sure Michelle will look absolutely gorgeous no matter what.

Noelani said...

OMG! This post made my fucken morning! I laughed so hard! Terrible Terrible! I'm just glad we're even able to have this conversation.