Monday, January 12, 2009

ALLURE - January 2009 - Taraji P. Henson and Paula Patton

I've been meaning to scan these for over a week. These are two actors that I really like, Taraji especially seems to be getting a lot of press lately but I haven't seen "Benjamin Button" (I have a serious case of Brad and Angelina fatigue.) I hope the possible Oscar nomination turns into more work for her. As for Paula, I read that she will be in the movie adaptation of "Push" but I have no idea when that film will hit theaters.

ETA: Another scan I've been meaning to post. Vogue selected Laura Jarrett (duaghter of Obama senior advisor Valerie Jarrett) for their "10 Best Dressed List." Her selection is a bit random but then so are the wealthy socialites they usually pick for these things.

Source: Allure and Vogue


Shell said...

Now, I may have to pick up Allure so I can put up their picture on the wall. I haven't seen The Curious Case.. yet. I do hope Taraji and Viola Davis both get nods. I like to see more sistahs Oscar time.

Anonymous said...

THAT is how Taraji should have looked at the Golden Globes!

Sadia Bruce said...

I love the quote-- "I'm a student at Harvard Law School, so most of my clothes are pretty laid back."

Because the law students at, say, Fordham, go to class in cocktail dresses and Courtney Crawfords.

The terrible part is that that's the journalist's work. Journalists are the devil. Laura Jarret's adorable, though.

Great post, as always...

Tia said...

If you recall her mother was interviewed by vogue a few months ago, and she was quoted in that article. so i guess she made friends with somebody at vogue a voila now she made it in too