Saturday, January 3, 2009

Sessilee Lopez - Deutsch #21 editorial

Photographed here by Kutlu. I prefer the b&w photos to the ones in color (which just seem a little too cartoony for my taste, like she's an extra on the X-Men movie set or something.)

That aside I must add that I'm continually impressed by Sessilee's editorial work. "Fierce" is so overused these days but I think it really applies here, don't you? Maybe this was the look Jada Pinkett Smith was going for last year?

S: TFS/blk2k5


sdg1844 said...

There are some wonderful silhouette's by this photographer.

Ogegevivkie said...

Sessilee is a very peculiar case. She is without a doubt the most fiercest black model working today but yet the fashion industry decides to dumb down her potential.

First, we have the constant animal print/ panther-inspired editorials she has been subjected to; limiting her range to only one category- Grace Jones-look-a-like

Also, when she was selected for the Victoria's secret fashion show I became restless. Restless because I knew they were going to dumb down her potential once more. Instead of letting her exotic look and amazonian body shine through, they placed a hideous wig on her head (with those awful bangs) and some unflattering outfits. She ended up looking like the token black girl and out of place.

In my opinion, Sessilee is way better than Chanel Iman and Dunn combined. She has the look, the body, the attitude and the "wow" factor. Why she is not a top notch supermodel, I don't know.

st said...

I really like her, but when you're unique and white you can get far. When you're unique and black it's a completely different story. So far, Meisel is the only one I've seen photograph her well even though he's been referred to as primarily a recycler. That's why we ended up with all of those animal print images in Vogue Italia.
The other models I like are Atong and the Indian model Lakshmi Menon. Menon makes me think of a scholar whenever I see her. Maybe that explains why she's not getting much work either!

RandomGuy said...

Sessilee Lopez is my favorite model hands down. I love her. Her skin tone is gorgeous, she has a wonderful smile and she's awkward enough to pass for beautiful but non traditional. And, I'll agree w/ Ogegevivkie maybe that last aspect doesn't work to her advantage. Luckily, Mesisel likes her and that's been doing great things for her career so far. I hope this year she gets more work. She deserves it.

Anonymous said...

her hair reminds me of miss jack davey's from j*davey.