Monday, January 12, 2009

The Golden Globes Post

Anyone else watch The Golden Globes last night? I'm wondering how model Alek Wek scored the best seat in the house. I'm not wild about the dress but the Dior jewel tone number looks beautiful against her skin on television.

Gina Torres always looks so regal to me. I guess it's fitting then that she went with a purple gown. Sigh... I still miss "Firefly."

Taraji P. Henson is really accumulating an impressive collection of red carpet pics. I like this J. Mendel dress a lot but I think the dark colors and ruffles looked a little drab on television.

Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez both looked great in my opinion but I think they should have switched dresses. Both of them have sported similar looks in the past.

Viola Davis looked so pretty sitting at her table, I was hoping she would at least get to present an award so I could see her dress. She went with darker tones too but I think she still looks very glamorous here.

I'm just not feeling Shaun Robinson's gown. At all.

ETA: Rutina Wesley just looks flawless.

S: mnis/TFS, Lipstick Alley, TV Guide, ONTD, Jezebel


ninety9 said... has a nice gallery of the good and bad dresses worn at the GGs. You can get a better look at Viola's dress. Love her but I thought the dress was rather unflattering.

Anonymous said...

Wek's dress is pitiful. I'm no ageist, but it doesn't seem to flatter someone of her maturity. It's almost as bad as that wedding cake Sandra Bull had on. Henson's dress looks drab in the picture too, and her hair was quite boring. I can't help feeling like Black women play it safe when they dress up for these events, looking nice but not necessarily current or edgy. These frocks are hella expensive, yet they don't look like the aheight of fashion. Vanessa Williams is usually a notable presence, though. Every now and then, Jada looks interesting too. I've already forgotten what Angela Basset wore.

NaySue said...

And when are you going to post the fashion misfits? You know, the worse dressed list. I think some nominees for this category were unfairly placed.

Thanks for showing what the people of color wore. We rarely seem them on the popular websites and E!

Daddy's Little Girls said...

J. Lo looks absolutely stunning in her sexy dress... She never fails to amaze me with her fashion sense :)