Wednesday, July 22, 2009

2008 Worst Selling Women's Magazines: Not a Black Face in the Bunch

Best-Selling Cover: Keira Knightley (559,000 copies)
Worst-Selling Cover: Rachel Weisz (276,000 copies). Gwyneth Paltrow was a close second with 310-350,000 copies.

Vanity Fair
Best-Selling Cover: Angelina Jolie (504,000 copies)
Worst-Selling Cover: Katherine Heigl (314,000 copies)

Best-Selling Cover: Victoria Beckham (413,000 copies)
Worst-Selling Covers: Carrie Underwood (253,000 copies)

Best-Selling Cover: Jessica Simpson (775,000 copies)
Worst-Selling Cover: Nicole Kidman (460,000 copies)

Best-Selling Cover: Scarlett Johansson (2 million copies)
Worst-Selling Cover: Jessica Simpson (1.5 million copies)

Best-Selling Cover: Angelina Jolie (78,000 copies)
Worst-Selling Cover: Hilary Swank (27,000 copies)

Best-Selling Cover: Eva Longoria-Parker (889,000 copies)
Worst-Selling Cover: Anne Hathaway (585,000 copies)

Marie Claire
Best-Selling Cover: Women of “Sex and the City” (440,948 copies)
Worst-Selling Cover: Jennifer Connelly (191,000 copies)

Harper’s Bazaar
Best-Selling Cover: Lindsay Lohan (213,000 copies)
Worst-Selling Cover: Drew Barrymore (120,000 copies)

*Blackfolk Appearing on Above Magazines in 2008

Vogue 4/08 Gisele/LeBron James

Bazaar 9/08 Tyra Banks

ELLE 6/2008 Rihanna

Cosmo 3/2008 Rihanna

IN Style 8/08 Rihanna

IN Style 2/08 Halle

IN Style 11/08 Beyonce


Tiffany,Ebony Intuition said...

Great info, since they always use the black women can't sell excuse.

chic noir said...

Oh Bridgett, thank you so much for this list. I knew it was more than meets the eye. I bet those worst sellers will continue to get covers while blk celebrities esp the medium & darker complected will struggle to get a cover or two. I’m still waiting for Kerry Washington to get a cover.

DON'T SWEAT IT said...

The stats speak for themselves. Pretty surprised that Nicole Kidman, Drew Barrymore and Anne Hathaway made the worst-selling cover's list considering their current status' in Hollywood.

4life said...

Cosmo's worst cover sold 1.5 million??? Who even reads Cosmo?

Lenox Ave said...

But then we all knew they used "sales" as an excuse for their bigotry.

I agree w/Don't Sweat It on those ladies. Then again, there isn't enough scandal & nonsense that surrounds them.