Wednesday, July 8, 2009

OT: En Vogue to Star in Reality TV Show?

From ONTD:

The group, which is comprised of Dawn Robinson, Terry Ellis, Cindy Heron-Bragg and Maxine Jones, are cementing their return to the music scene, after a lengthy break, with a new album later this year.

Now, they want to give fans an insight into their 20th anniversary reunion by documenting their trials and triumphs on TV.

Dawn Robinson says, “It’s just another venue to get our music out there. The industry has changed. It’s not just about getting a record deal anymore. It’s about exposure.”

Terry Ellis adds, “Twenty years in the business is a long time and we’ve had a lot of fun in the process, but there’s also been some ups and downs and we’d like to share some of that.”

I'm not a big fan of scripted "reality" TV* or the cadre of completely useless people who become famous for appearing on it but I would be so in to watching an En Vogue show. I loved watching and listening to those beautiful brown skin women, back in the day they were more affirming than anything in a magazine for me. I hope this gets picked up and I hope it's not by BET.

*With the exception of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, which I know is trash but it just amuses me so much.

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Ondo Lady said...

Wow!! How exciting, I hope they show it over here.