Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Jourdan Dunn - i-D Magazine September 2008

Jourdan Dunn seems to have benefitted the most so far from the exposure in the July Vogue Italia. Here she is once again photographed wearing Naomi's old hair style by Emma Summerton (who also photographed Dunn for the August issue of Vogue Italia and for a Topshop campaign.) Alek Wek is also featured inside photographed by Simon Harris for a spread called "If They Only Knew She Had the Power."

S: Helmut.Newton/TFS


Anonymous said...

It's not just because of this particular photo (which looks similar to Naomi on the cover of the previous issue) but, something about Jourdan Dunn reminds me of Naomi a lot.

Camille Acey said...

Wow, all of a sudden this blog is about to take over your life, what with all the colored girl sightings we're having.
It's raining US, hallelujah it's raining US, AMEN!

And everything is looking -- so far -- much better than that raggedy ol' Vogue Italia.

Ebony Intuition said...

She looks great

Anonymous said...

how does naomi's cover look like jourdan's? because their both black and they're both winking?

they don't look alike at all.

Chic Noir said...

Almost All ID covers feature the model winking. It's like there trade mark or something.

@6:48 PM-I think Bridgette was talking about the wig that Jourdan has on. The bangs are a lot higher than what Naomi used to wear thought.

pairof_secateurs said...

All i-D covers feature the wink (or covered eye), it represents the way the i-D logo looks like a wink on the cover.

Jourdan Dunn gets 12 pages (plus a 2 page interview), although 2 of those are actually of the white male model who accompanies her in 2 of the double-page photos.

Alek Wek gets 6 pages (plus a 2 page interview)

They both look stunning throughout, although appear to be the only black models in the issue aside from the Naomi Campbell YSL ad and a black male model in the Vivienne Westwood ad.