Thursday, August 28, 2008

NYT: Women's Fall Fashion 2008

I always look forward to the fashion supplements in the New York Times. They've done a pretty good job in the past picking out key pieces from each season's collections, usually use a more diverse array of models that typical fashion magazines, and have much better articles. 

The Fall fashion report is pretty decent. I always love reading Chandler Burr's perfume pieces and there are a few other humorous articles too, like the one on the volume trend in garments and how impractical manufactured girth is for the average consumer. 

There's also a spread featuring clothing that the magazine thinks offers a great look at a great price that left me scratching my head. I have rich friends and poor friends alike. None of them would think that $845 for a blouse is a deal.

There is a spread photographed by Jean-Baptiste Mondino featuring dark skinned beauty Adama Diallo but the high point of the issue for me is this homage to Grace Jones. Her name has been popping up a lot lately. I hope we get to see more of her in the coming months.


sdg1844 said...

I loves me some Grace Jones. I've been a stan for 20 years and ain't nuthin' changed. I've always found her features and skin simply stunning.

Carla said...

Of course, I love any coverage of Grace, but why are they only talking to Goude about her and not talking to her! She's much more interesting than her former collaborator/partner's opinion of her.

By the way, Rihanna cited her as a style influence in the last issue of InStyle.

afrosapien said...

i definitely agree with carla. i was annoyed by the fact that grace's voice was totally absent from the piece. goude was actually allowed to claim that he made her whole image! and they ended the piece with a quote from goude about how he always found that image more interesting than the woman herself.

MarriedToIt said...

Grace is the fierce all these new models try to be. She was so out there and so daring you could never forget her. Most "supermodels" today I dont even know there name.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of the New York Times, look at their story on the new Indian Vogue scandal:

Brigitte said...

I read about that Vogue "photoshoot" this morning. I'm literally just disgusted by it.