Monday, August 18, 2008

Vogue Korea - September 2008 - Chanel Iman

The font on this cover is a little odd don't you think? I didn't quite believe it was real and not someone's Photoshop experiment when I first saw it. This is Chanel's first solo Vogue cover. Arlenis Sosa has a spread in Tyra's issue of Harper's Bazaar and a brief editorial (with two other models) in this month's extremely boring US Vogue.


Here's a rundown of what will be inside the issue (thanks to chrisis511 @ TFS)

Black Break
Model : Chanel Iman
PH : Oh Joong Seok

There's Only One Naomi (a reprint from Vogue Italia)
Model : Naomi Campbell
PH : Steven Meisel

Model Mogul (a reprint from Vogue Italia)
Model : Tyra Banks
PH : Steven Meisel

Trend Atelier 
Model : Chanel Iman, Hyoni Kang, Noh Seung Soo and Kim Bong Man
PH : Hyea W Kang

Fascinating Fall (a reprint from Vogue UK)
Model : Lily Donaldson and Freja Beha
PH : Emma Summerton

Mature Masculine (a reprint from Vogue ??)
Model : Gisele Bundchen
PH : David Sims

Future Reflection
Model : Daul Kim and Song Kyung Ah
PH : Hong Lu

Full Moon Rising
Model : Jee Hyun Jeong, Daul Kim, Lee Ji Yeon and Hyoni Kang
PH : Lee Gun Ho
-(Korean traditional clothes "Hanbok" ed)

On The Road
Model : Cho Seung Woo(Actor) and Shin Min Ah(Actress)
PH : An Ha Jin

Rule To Form
Model : Daul Kim
PH : Oh Joong Seok

A Good Sequel
Model : Lee Ji Yeon
PH : Hyea W Kang

Space Walking
Model : Han Hye Jin
PH : Lee Gun Ho

Urban Romance
Model : Jee Hyun Jeong
PH : Kim Juag Han


Chic Noir said...

I shall be so broke. I think Korean Vogue is 20 bucks so let me pull out my wallet.

robby said...

Gorgeous. I love the typography, I love the colors, and, of course, I love Chanel. Wow.