Monday, September 29, 2008

Another Wakeema Hollis Post

If you blew on her she'd probably fall over but I still love me some Wakeema Hollis.

Chanel Iman, Arlenis and Jourdan may be getting the lions share of bookings among black models but this Memphis born American girl with the angel face is one of my favorites and I am always pleased to see her on the runway. Fortunately for her fans, she's been booking a steady stream of jobs. Well, on US runways anyway.

My excitement was dampered a bit by the fact that Wakeema's signature natural hairdo has been MIA in nearly all her recent runway and editorial work. I posted a little on this before on this blog, and I am aware that sometimes designers have all their models strutting their stuff wearing wigs but c'mon already. Why is it that white models are the only ones that get to enjoy distinctive looks? Mouth breathing top model Agyness Deyn has been sporting the slight variations on that same bleached blond short hair on the runway and in print for as long as I care to remember. Will there ever be a day when natural hair longer than an inch will be commonplace on kinky haired catwalkers? At least one? I'm not holding my breath.

Photos: The Fashion Spot


Anonymous said...

Her natural hair is so pretty too.

Bonifant said...


And you know I would sign if there really was a petition and mail it to her agency.

Her most recent pics at V. Westwood left me so underwhelmed.

Love her but I love her more with her fro. Crazy since I'll be the first to sing India.Arie's I'm not my hair but it seems that sometimes you are...

::Otulp:: said...

give a little, take a little. you were just hyping up chanel iman and she just so happens to naturally have straighter hair. there is such thing as aiming too high

Bonifant said...

otulp could you break it down cos I have no idea what you were trying to say.
All I got was "bitter party of one"

PS I've never seen baby pics of Chanel so maybe you do know something about her "naturally straighter hair" that I don't looks like relaxer to me.

Chic Noir said...

I love Hollis. I can't beleive she is 23. She looks like she is 14. Maybe her baby looks will give her longevity.
otulp- Actually channel has natural or relaxed hair. She talked about the problems she has had with her hair and haridressers at runway shows on the Tyra Banks show.