Monday, September 15, 2008

Duro Olowu in Vogue Magazine

Vogue's Sally Singer featured Olowu, along with Roberto Cavalli and Tracy Feith, in her short piece about the best "bohemian" designers. Singer also wrote the much maligned article "From Here to Timbuktu" that appeared in Vogue a few months ago, so clearly she is their go-to person for ethnic influenced clothing. Here, she credits Olowo for "keeping wild graphics in check" and praises his "caravan of dreams creations." Ok, whatever. When I look at Olowu's designs and textiles, I just think beautifully layered clothing that a colorphobe like me might fantasize about working into my Beatnik uniform.


Riecy said...

Love. Him.

But WTF @ this writer? I didn't even know about that first piece, what a hatchet job.

Anyway, he does some amazing things with graphics I also love his wife (Thelma Golden) and her style.

Ondo Lady said...

I have never seen his show as his snooty PR never deigns to give me a ticket at London Fashion Week. However I have heard a lot about him and he is suppposed to be amazing.