Tuesday, September 23, 2008

TRACE: Black Girls Rule

I can never find this magazine on the newsstands anymore but fortunately TRACE is still alive and well and putting out a Black Girls RULE! issue. It's available free (as a .pdf file) on their website. What I love most about BGR is that it always features a few new faces and not just to 1 or 2 black models of the moment.  This issue has been available online for awhile but I thought I'd share it anyway :)


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

What a great issue! The models are beautiful and I even discovered some new music. I had never heard of this mag before but I was immediately impressed with the diversity. Is it always this way? It is a shame that the subscription is so expensive because I would have enjoyed finding it in my mailbox every month.

Safera said...

I SO wanted to buy this issue because I missed the boat on the last one.

I kept hounding my newsagent and when he said "yeah we've got it" I was thrilled. But it was the Gnarles Barkley Cover.

I was like WTF? This is the old one. This is why London sucks (sucking my teeth)

This post was a reminder that I could read the current issue online so THANKS.