Monday, September 29, 2008

Janelle Monae - Many Moons

I can't get enough of this girl.


Safera said...

I like that she is a performer/entertainer first and last. She doesn't use her sexuality to define her as an artist. The focus is on her music and I like that.

Now can someone explain the abrupt ending? Plus is she really signed to BadBoy? I hope not because you know what happens to artists once they sign with PuffyPuffDaddySeanJohnDiddyCombs (Eye roll)

Zoe said...

She is signed to Bad Boy. Apparently Puffy first tried to contact her through her Myspace page and she figured someone was playing games. Puff had to go through Big Boi (who released her single Letting Go and also a great cover of Debarge's Time Will Reveal on his Got Purp compilation album)to reach her. Hopefully he's signed her because of who she is and won't turn her into a Cassie/ Danity Kane non-signing hoochie.

Anonymous said...

I don't think we have to worry about her turning into a Cassie or Danity Kane type. I remember reading somewhere that she said that her biggest pet peeve was conventional thinking. I have a feeling she would sooner leave the label than allow Diddy to turn her into a gyrating pop star.

Lady_V said...

She's amazing, I'll be keeping my eye on her. She has a nice mix of music with style and I like how she dances.

I'm also in love with her hair do, she carries it off really well.

p.s. Where did you find the image in your header? Was it just a random image you came across or is there some Black Fashion picture site I could go to?


This is my first glimpse of Janelle Monae and I'm speechless. This girl is amazing. I'm a little worried now that she has signed with Diddy. We may never witness her brilliance again if he has anything to say about it. I’m sure he already has plans for Cassie 2.0.

Chan TheJunction said...

Yesss! Finally a new MV from Miss Monae. In Germany just a few know her, but I hope she expands her Fame.

Cheers Chan from TheJunction