Thursday, July 17, 2008

Keisha Whitaker in Fendi RTW - Fall 2008 @ The ESPY Awards

This runway model looks like death on her way to an after work function.

Keisha is addicted to the elegant little black dress. I don't blame her because the little black dress will never steer you wrong but once again, it would be nice to see her wear some color. I mean, this is the ESPY Awards for goodness sake! Why wear black when you just know there is going to be some baller sitting a row behind you in a Day-Glo orange pinstriped suit? It's not like the woman is trying to hide a few extra pounds, embrace the color pallet girl. You can do it! Go towards the light, and don't forget to pass the jewel tones on your way!
S: Style and LSA

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Naturally Sophia said...

I so appreciate your humor.