Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Women's Track and Field Fashion

Allyson Felix in Vogue, April 2008

I am always very excited when the Summer Olympics come around because it means I get to spend quality time on my couch watching Track & Field.

I'm really going to miss living in Europe and getting to watch the coverage on Eurosports Network where they you know, actually show more of the games than just the beach volleyball competition. Why anyone would want to watch a bunch of women picking swimsuit bottoms out of their asses is something I don't understand. I guess it's a guy thing. Personally, I'd rather watch the women's powerlifting segment. 

Anyway, in addition to making me feel ashamed of my increasingly jiggly thighs, I'm always keen to see just what the female track and field competitors will be wearing. I still remember being in awe of the beautiful and flashy Flo-Jo during the 1988 games. Supremely talented and beautiful, I just could not get enough of all that hair, those nails, the one legged suits. She had to be the inspiration for Serena on the tennis court. 

I was really impressed with Allyson Felix in Athens last time so I'm looking forward to watching her compete again and of course I am DYING to see what the Jamaican 4x100 relay team is going to put together this year. Those one piece suits they wore in Athens just killed it.

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