Friday, July 4, 2008

Naomi Spread from July 2008 Italian Vogue

Yep, another Naomi post but at least this one is a provides a peak inside the July issue of Italian Vogue.  These pictures are pretty much what I'd expect from Steven Meisel (lush colors, lonely women and expensive lingerie.) I find it amusing that they managed to work Naomi's YSL Hammer pants into the spread. Does she ever take those things off?



Safera said...

For some reason I feel disappointed. Sessilee Lopez's spread is more electrifying. Each pic can stand alone. Naomi's pics look flat and boring there's no excitement just skin.

Brigitte said...

I like Sessilee's photos too. Naomi's by comparison are ho-hum.

Kelliann said...

"There's Only One Naomi" -indeed.

Unfortunately, she's slipping fast from my top ten list.