Monday, July 21, 2008

Nylon Magazine - August 2008

This is how much I care about NYLON magazine. I have a free subscription to the hipster primer and I still want to cancel it. I couldn't even get up enough interest to read the travel diary on Kenya in this month's issue. This month's issue is all about denim. There's a piece by one of the writers on her visit to The Gap  headquarters in San Francisco in which she writes about making a pair or jeans or something. I didn't really read that all the way through either, just stared for a moment at the photo of The Gap's cute as pie Creative Director Patrick Robinson.

There is also an ad (see above) for DKNY Jeans featuring Chanel Iman in which she's styled to look like Tyrone Biggum's kid sister.

Really, the only thing in the entire magazine that kept it from immediately hitting the recycle bin was this letter to the editor:

dear nylon,

Your ass history piece in the April issue is fucking laughable. You can give props to Applebottom Jeans all you want; the only ladies of color in the magazine were in the street fashion spread.

Olivia - Urbana, IL

I can only hope that Olivia's letter was severely edited and that she really let them have it. This is a girl after my own heart.
source: TFS


Camille Acey said...

I finally got my company of The Black Issue. Lots of critiques. I was going page by page just making mental notes. Did you get yours yet? Should I just buy you a copy tomorrow morning?

B said...

If you could pick up a copy for me, I'd be so grateful. Email me your Paypal info @ :)

I'd also love to hear your critiques :)

Cam-a-lam said...

That's funny. My friends and I just sent them a bunch of e-mails about the lack of color in the Nylon brand. I think there's a grand total of one black model in the thick Nylon Pretty book.

I think its pretty telling that they reference black culture as ironic, but ignore us in the pages.

Lenoxave said...

I'd never even heard of this mag and given wonderfully oozing w/sarcasm post, I'll pass.

matt williams said...

I like Nylon but I notice that there are not many blk models featured. I love the last page on the mag where they show a bag and everything the imaginary person carrying it would have inside.

Justine B said...

I'm from Champaign - nearby Urbana, IL and I'm proud to say that Olivia stood up and told Nylon to fuck off. In a very polite, diplomatic way. What a joke Nylon is indeed. I have a free subscription and I sure as hell am not going to renew.

slanderous said...

I also have a free subscription that I barely care about, ugh. And yes, the magazine is atrocious on the people of color front. Check out, if you have time, this entry I wrote about a Nylon fashion editorial featuring a woman of color housekeeper as "background."

Anonymous said...

I am also from Champaign; way to go Olivia!