Monday, July 7, 2008

Magazines: Muslim Girl

I came across this magazine a few months ago while loitering at a bookstore. Muslim Girl is a bi-monthly magazine aimed at Muslim American teenagers that launched last year. 

Like any other magazine for teen girls, it is filled with affordable budget friendly fashion and beauty tips but it many of the articles have a more serious tone that deal specifically with the challenges these young women face and it's pages are filled with profiles on worthy role models (you know, the kind that don't upload their own nude pictures online or carry small dogs in big purses.)

The layout and photographs are very high quality and the content is both entertaining and informative. The issue I picked up even listed Suzanne Boyd of Suede fame as a contributing editor. From my perspective, it gives the non-Muslim reader a glimpse into the many different ways that young Muslim women work and play in our society. The fashions come from the same places that a lot of young women shop like The Gap and H&M but with a more modest spin and the models used in the editorials are beautiful young women of every ethnicity, some wearing hijab head scarves and some not. The advice column is the same as in any other magazine but with questions like "what should I do about a non-Muslim boy who keeps asking me out but doesn't understand that I don't date?"

All in all, I found it to be a high quality magazine that I'd probably pick up again even knowing that I'm probably a good twenty years outside of its age demographic. I wish there were more magazines like this out when I was a teenager.


lapetitediva said...

Thanks for the info. It looks interesting. I might buy a subscription, even though I, too, am about twenty years outside of their age demographic.

sdg1844 said...

It sounds really lovely. Imagine a magazine w/depth that celebrates beauty, life and belief? Go figure (insert sarcasm).

Wanda said...

I picked this up about week ago at Barnes and Noble. It surprised me that it was done so well and was also pretty fashionable. Like you said its a few years outside my demographic, but I'll still pick it up for the fashion ideas.