Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Are Leather Pants a Necessity?

L to R: Karl Lagerfeld, JeanPaul Gaultier, Chanel, Chanel (source: Style.com via TFS)

I have a good friend that invested in a quality pair of leather pants a few years back. And no, she's doesn't ride to work in the bitch seat of a Harley. When she first modeled them for me, I am almost certain that I made a series of back handed compliments but deep down inside, I was envious. She bought them right off the rack but you would have though they were custom made.
Every now and again, I'll see a pair of leather slacks on the runway and think "Maybe I should try on a few pairs, just to see." Unfortunately for me, off the rack just doesn't work. They're either too short, too high in the waist or too baggy in the booty, which is the S&M equivalent of mom jeans. Enevitably, I always put them back on the rack and try to forget I ever had such a crazy idea in the first place.

Leather can be tricky. When executed properly the look can be sleek and add an edgy ala Carrie Otis in those old Calvin Klein ads (I know she was wearing a leather jacket not slacks but still, it evoked a mood.) On the other hand, leather done badly will instantly transform you into a loser camping out of Marilyn Manson concert tickets or an unpaid extra on the set of a Russ Meyers film.

As a general rule I think leathers on a man are a no go. Too Jim Morrison meets that one guy with the mutton chops in The Village People...and they always makes me question a man's personal hygeine. I don't think men can be trusted to properly clean leather unless it's on a baseball glove.

I think custom pants would be the way to go. IC3D.com can do it but at $350 a pop I'd want to know for sure that the fit is perfect. I was all set to send them my favorite pants to copy but then pregnancy happened and now, and since I lost more weight that I gained in the first place, my once promising ass has been reabsorbed by my body and those "perfect" pre-pregnancy pants just don't do the job anymore. This is clearly a job for a local tailor. I wonder if any of the tailors at Nordstrom freelance?

Ultimately, I think leather pants take commitment. Will I wear them often enough to justify the expense? Or will it end up as a relic in my bulging closet?

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