Monday, August 20, 2007

The Other Fall Shoe

Pumps with cone, stacked, and tree trunk sized heels are a nice alternative for the woman who either: can't manage more than a teeter or a hobble in razor thin stilettos, is sick to death of ballet flats (the horror!), or hates the lace-up Oxford pumps that are literally everywhere this fall.

It seems like every other page in September's Vogue features has a thick heeled pump in an advertisement or editorial.

The season's must-have appears to be Prada's offering. I love the multi-hued Sfumato Mary Jane from the sleek ankle strap to the heel -- which looks like the lovechild of a Japanese brush stroke and the rear talon of some fashionable bird of prey.

Alas, I still haven't given up on my flats. But if I could, I would buy that shoe just to use it as a centerpiece on the coffee table. The price is $550 at Bergdorf.


Jill said...

do you know who does the shoe in the first pic? i'm thinking it may be one of my Fall shoe purchases - -it's SO GOOD! i looked at the mary jane by prada on bergdorf's site and it was a different style -- but very similar (

do you know where i can get the ones featured in this post (first shot).

great picks! loved the slideshow!

FemmeNoire said...

You mean the beige/black peep toe pump? That one is also Prada but I think it might only be available in Prada boutiques and not online. It's $490 according to Vogue. You might try phoning the BH store if you're interested (310) 385-5959. If you buy them please send me a photo, so I can live vicariously through the soles of your feet :)