Sunday, August 12, 2007

Katie Holmes

I've never seen a single episode of "Dawson's Creek" but in my mind, Katie Holmes is still 16.
That leaves me scratching my head a little over her recent wardrobe choices, which seem a tad mature for such a young woman. But, I'll leave it to the celebrity blogs to speculate on the whys of Katie's new found personal style.

I should add however that for a much as I think that she dresses a bit old for someone her age, I think she her clothes are perfectly suited for someone my age! I absolutely love her new style which is very reminiscent of that other Kate, Katherine Hepburn.

The outfit she's wearing here with her beautiful daughter is something from my capsule wardrobe I could literally wear everyday. I think it's just so simple and elegant from chic haircut to her patent leather toes.

I must have about a dozen pictures of her saved on my computer for inspiration. She does seem to have the same problem that I do namely, lack of color. I am completely wed to black & greyscale. Maybe I should start with a bright bag?


CHIC NOIR said...

Tom has turned Katie into a mom. The only thing she is missing is a minivan.

Candid Cool said...

Their child is incredibly beautiful.