Tuesday, August 14, 2007

R.I.P Brooke Astor - 1902 – 2007

She believed that money, like manure, was meant to be "spread around." Over her lifetime she gave away $200 million dollars of her fortune to charities ranging from The Fresh Air Fund, to the New York Public Library and the Astor Home for emotionally damaged children.

She said that charity began at home, so many of the causes she funded directly benefited New Yorkers. It was said of her that she seemed as comfortable at the Harlem Youth Center as she did dining with the Queen. Unlike many other socialites content with merely writting checks and attending galas, Astor took a hands on approach to her giving and often visited the organizations she supported in person to see how her money was being used.

She requested that her tombstone simply read: "I had a wonderful life."

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