Saturday, August 11, 2007

The Quest for the Perfect Wardrobe I

My husband and I recently moved back to the US after two years of living abroad. While packing up my clothes, I was aghast at the number of things hanging up in my closet that I either did not recognize as my own or that had tags still attached.

The disturbing thing was that in spite of all the clothes in my wardrobe, I usually ended up wearing the same thing everyday because I could never find something to wear. While I don't think of myself as a shopaholic, I am definitely guilty of buying things out of boredom or just because they were on sale regardless of how the color looked against my skin or the size. A good sized chunk of my closet is stuff that I couldn't pass up because of the savings!

When I really started to think of all the imaginary money I'd "saved" buy buying clothes that I've never worn, I felt a little ill. During the last few months I've been making a concerted effort to reign myself in, figure out what my personal style is, and buying quality key pieces accordingly.

I've become a little obsessed lately with the concept of a perfect capsule wardrobe, containing key pieces that I will wear for years to come and that coordinate well with each other.

When the movers finally arrive with the rest of my clothes I plan on having a day of reckoning and donate or sell things that I can't justify. I'm also anxious to see the things that I already have laid out so I can see what I own and put outfits together. One book I read suggested taking pictures of different looks for my own personal lookbook on days when I can't find a thing to put on. Fortunately, I already have another lookbook of ideas I cribbed from magazines and online for reference.

Two websites that I've used for inspiration are Retail Recovery and A Perfectly Small Wardrobe. I can't be as extreme as she is and our personal styles don't match but it is refreshing to know that it is possible to get a lot of style out of a little wardrobe.

I thought it would be really difficult but by taking a few extra moments in the dressing room to ask:

1. Do I really NEED this?
2. Is it made well?
3. Does it flatter my figure?
4. Does it fit into my "perfect wardrobe" vision?

Honestly, those few extra moments have made all the difference. I've talked myself out of buying heaps of clothes that I know I wouldn't have worn or that would have fallen apart by now. My last two clothing purchases were a Robert Rodriguez High Waist Grey Skirt and a Mociun Tie Front Dress, both of which I am really pleased with.

This is something I am still researching and pulling together so I'm sure I'll continue posting about it. If anyone has something to share on the topic, I'd love to read it.

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Candid Cool said...

Retail Recovery is really great. I also really like that last dress.