Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Size Does Matter

Top to Bottom: Balenciaga Weekender ($1,962), Givenchy Patent Large Nightingale ($1,695), Marc by Marc Jacobs Delancy Tote ($698), Mulberry Large Mabel ($1,495.)

Vogue may have made a push for small clutch type bags this fall but personally, I will never be able to give up big bags. The bigger the better in fact. I actually feel naked if I'm not toting around an extra large piece of leather. I view it as a form of protection.

I come from a long line of suitcase sized bag carriers. My mother kept everything imaginable in her purse: wigs, makeup, notepads, the occasional piece of flatware, and even full sized condiments ("never leave the house without your lipstick and a bottle of your favorite hot sauce" was her motto.)

I, on the other hand, was greatly influenced by repeated viewings of "Let's Make a Deal" as a child. The part when host Monte Hall would go into the audience and offer $100 to the first woman able to pull a random item (be it a toothbrush, can of hairspray, or sewing kit) out of her bag became my obsession. Since then I've always had a list of essential items cluttering up the inside of my bag "just in case" I run into someone in need.

I've never run into Mr. Hall on the street but if you see me and are in desperate need of a lint brush, I'm here to help.


Divine Blackness said...

LOL! I love this entry...I, too have a serious love for bigger purposes. I don't see how people do it with with small clutches throughout the day. They are okay during after hours, but for day purses....I need something that will hold all. A wig included because you never knowwwww. ;)

FemmeNoire said...

A wig and sunglasses are absolute musts. Who knows when you'll run into Jason Bourne and have to go into hiding on the fly?

Icy said...

I love your mum's condiment carrying ^_^